Last day of the Circle Keepers season

Circle Keepers is our monthly nature awareness program for kids that runs from Sept. through June.  We have a younger group (4-8 year olds) and an older one (9-13 year olds).  Both groups met together today for an end of the year celebration. Parents joined us for the last hour and we shared some of our favorite songs, activities and games. We also had a ceremony honoring each child’s completion of this special Circle Keepers year.

I took some time out of our full day to have the kids reflect on their Circle Keepers experience. All their reflections were precious and were testament to the power of nature as teacher. One I will share now, given by the flute-playing fairy pictured below (the question: How has being a part of Circle Keepers changed you?): “I have developed a better appreciation for Mother Nature. I have taken a deep interest in the cycles of the moon, and the relation of all of us to nature, and how everything is connected.” Music to my ears…

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Please Help us Grow!

DSC_2986You are invited to be a part of the next exciting growth spurt here at TreeSong!  We want to expand our offerings by building a new space that will house our Roots & Wings nature-based preschool that is proposed to begin in Fall of 2015. The space will also be perfect for bigger gatherings, movement-related events, and art – for grownups and kids alike!

Show your support by going to this link:


Thank you so.

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Art Show to benefit TreeSong this Friday, May 15th, 7-9pm

bkl_6Treesong Board Member, Brecia Kralovic-Logan, is exhibiting her art work at Latte Da Coffee house and Wine Bar for the Month of May.   Brecia is an award winning fiber artist and she is featuring her silk collages in the current exhibit.  She is donating a portion of her sales to Treesong Nature Awareness and Retreat Center. Brecia is committed to raising $500.00 for Treesong through the sale of her art work.  Work is available for as little as $65.00.
Come join Brecia at a MEET the ARTIST RECEPTION on Friday May 15th from 7-9pm at Latte Da.
Share this news with your friends and coworkers as her art work is perfect for home or office. 
breciaphotoBrecia Kralovic-Logan is also the author of The SPIRAL of Creativity.
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Our Spring Equinox Celebration!

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SATURDAY, APRIL 11th, 5pm-10pm

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Earth, Glaze & Fire (Vancouver’s wonderful paint-your-own ceramics studio) is hosting yet another fabulous fundraiser for TreeSong!

Come in and create, enjoy live music, nibble on delicious snacks, and support TreeSong as it enters its next exciting chapter of growth!  All proceeds will be generously donated to TreeSong.

Earth, Glaze & Fire is located at 2106 Main St, Vancouver, WA 98660.

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Spring Equinox Community Celebration!

Saturday, March 21st, 3pm-6pm


Live music, potluck dinner, a ceremony to welcome Spring, and much more!

All ages welcome! There is no fee for this event, just bring a potluck dish and come join the fun!

Please RSVP, 360-837-8733, or email us at

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Unplugging to Connect

I started my day differently this morning. The seed of it planted last night as I purposefully left my cell phone on the kitchen counter. I had gotten into the habit of using my phone as my bedside timepiece and alarm clock. Then I found it so very easy to check my email (etc.!) right before switching off the lights at bedtime and in the morning before rolling out of bed. I decided that’s not how I want to end and begin my days. I want to support my inner connection at those liminal times between waking and sleeping. They’re so rich with opportunity.

I’d also slipped into the habit of putting on music and checking my computer first thing as my morning oatmeal bubbled away. Today I puttered in the quiet physical world of the cabin rather than the cyber one, while breakfast was cooking. And although there were some subtle jittery moments as my old habits tugged at me, I made room for the discomfort, and carried on.

I bundled up and took my breakfast down and ate it while perched on the bench that sits right above the river. That’s where I meditated this morning, had my quiet time before launching into my day. When I headed back up, I found myself unready to go inside so wandered down the driveway and ended up going on a walk through the forest. Back inside for a little yoga and then…to the tasks that are mine to do today.

What this alteration in my routine has brought me is notable. Getting outside, feeling the wind; the nip of coolness on my face and hands; the free, buoyant song of the river so immediate and filling; the rough feel of a tree’s bark; all the myriad wonders present in every square foot as I walked along…. I feel nourished and full of connection: connection with the stillness in me, with this place and its inhabitants, seen and unseen. And I’m carrying all of that inside me now and I roll along through my day on that current, and, hopefully, pass it along in some meaningful way through the small things I do, through who I am in the world.

And to be clear, I am not demonizing technology, (I wouldn’t be reaching you right now without it!), it’s just that I want a mindful and healthy relationship with my devices, a health and balance that I strive to have with everything in my life. I’m also aware that not every morning will lend itself to the expansiveness that this one did, and surely there will be days that I partake in my old ways. What this morning gifted me with is a beautiful template, and a fine beginning to laying down new neural pathways that, I believe, will support my overall wholeness more skillfully than my old habits.

What is rooting itself more and more powerfully within me is the undeniable importance of making time to be still and deeply listen. Winter certainly turns us in that direction. And equally foundational to our being fully embodied and vibrant humans, is having experiences that connect us with the natural world (no matter where we are).

May your days be filled with abundant opportunities to experience these gifts!

Michelle Baumann

TreeSong’s Director

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We would like to express deep gratitude to all who made our Silent Auction possible. A big thank you going out to the practitioners, artists, local businesses who gave so generously. You laid the foundation for a wonderful two weeks and a very successful auction. And, of course, all of you who bid during the auction, thank you!!!! We couldn’t have done it without you all, either! What a lovely intertwining of gifts and community this has been. TreeSong will receive $1,010! How fabulous! We will keep you apprised of the wonderful ways this will enrich the children’s nature programs (we’ll let you know about the adventure backpacks!). Big holiday blessings to all of you!

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Our 14 Days of Holiday Giving: A Tree-ific Silent Auction

Quadruple hug close-up

20 or so dear folks donated an amazing collection of their offerings (art, services, music…) to make for holiday shopping with a little extra heart!  The combination of their generosity and unique gifts, along with the beauty of the mission the proceeds will support, create an experience that is rich with meaning, depth and connection.

The proceeds from the auction will go towards supporting the Children’s nature programs out at TS, with the focus being on purchasing items to put together nature adventure backpacks for children and families to use while visiting TreeSong. The goal is that each backpack will contain items that will aid them in their exploration of nature’s wonders (magnifying glass, mini-binocs, compass, flashlight, simple field guides, notebook…).

Our Silent Auction is in full swing and runs through the 14th.

Click on the following link to access the auction page:

Holiday blessings to you and happy bidding!

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Two wonderful writing workshops coming in December

Dawn's workshop picWriting into Our Years:  A Wise Woman Winter Celebration of Aging with Dawn Thompson, Sunday, December 7, 1pm-4:30pm

Sidra skyWriting, Meditation, & Silence:  A One-Day Winter Retreat with Sidra Quinn, Saturday, December 20, 10am-4pm

Click here for more info.

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