Writing Workshop

Writing into Our Years:
A Celebration of Aging
with Dawn Thompson

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Saturday, May 27, 1:00-5:00pm


“I don’t want to be demure or respectable.
I was that way, asleep, for years.
That way, you forget too many important things.
How the little stones, even if you can’t hear them
are singing…”

~from “Blue Horses,” Mary Oliver

In our culture, aging is often seen as an inevitable tragedy.For women, it can be an invitation to invisibility. However, the truth is that as we grow in years, we become capable of accessing a deeper power and wisdom that is not available during the seasons of youth. The crone season of our life is a tremendous time of opportunity, creativity, growth and deep fulfillment. It is a time to share our gifts, to continue to explore new pathways and to recommit to our transforming bodies.


This gathering is an invitation for any woman, regardless of age, interested in her own miraculous process of maturation. In the deep beauty and peace of the natural world, we will explore the theme of coming into our years through writing, sharing and ritual.


No writing experience necessary.

Cost:  $75


For more information or to register contact Dawn at: dawn@pdxwomenwriters.com or 503.568.6145

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