2019 Summer Comprehensive Tracking/Naturalist Series


June 1, June 22, July 13, August 24, September 7, October 5


A field based summer series of tracking classes designed to be a continuation of last
years series, or for trackers who wish to take their tracking skills into practical
applications.  Using the skills of finding and interpreting animal sign, this series will explore additional skills that are needed for guiding, being a citizen scientist, using remote cameras, doing wildlife surveys and being a coexistence counselor with Animal

In the process of our field work we will continue using the skills of the tracker:

• Clear and blurry track identification along with foot morphology
• Gaits and Track patterns
• Feeding behavior and associated sign
• Communication behavior and sign
• Shelters, beds, nests, and temporary lays
• Trailing humans and animals
• Navigation and personal safety issues

In addition we will cover:

Guiding responsibilities
Making an adventure fun and interesting
Addressing the needs of individuals
Putting together a cohesive trip
Psychology for successful mentoring

Citizen scientist
Documentation of sign, including written, drawing, photography,and measuring
Collecting multiple sign and securing data
Confirmation of conclusions in field guides and in Inaturalist online

Camera trapping
Determining where to set a camera
Security of your gear
Where to share and how to keep wildlife safe

Animal Arbitrators
How to defuse irrational fears
Explaining Trophic Cascade
Practical coexistence strategies

Each class will take place in the field, mostly in the southern Gifford Pinchot National Forest. If the participants have mountain bikes, we will cover more ground by bike. If not, we will drive to remote active areas and access the habitat on foot. Using a kayak to access habitat is also possible if the students have the gear.

Required Gear
Vehicle that can navigate back country roads
Maps, compass
Field guides (a list of approved field guides will be provided)
A ruler
A notebook (one will be provided)
Personal clothing that will keep you comfortable in all manifestations of PNW weather
A day pack
A walking stick

Optional Gear
A mountain bike
A kayak
Cameras and a trail camera
Close focus binoculars

Program Logistics:
Six classes will be conducted mostly in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest,
and in some areas around the Columbia River. Classes will typically be
from mid-morning until late afternoon. Students will need their own
transportation, a packed lunch and field gear for each class. Boots and long
pants are needed for every class, regardless of the weather. Students with
special needs, limitations or concerns can contact the instructor team for
consultation ahead of the program. This is a class for adults, however,
certain exceptions can be made for exceptional young people at the
discretion of the director and instructors.

Tuition: $495.00

Online Registration

Down payment of $100.00 will hold your place until May 15th, when the
balance is due.

The program will be limited to 10 students and must have 8 students signed up to

Instructors are Cybertracker certified and guest instructors are a possibility for some

There will be no refunds for missed classes.

Meet the instructors . . .

LJ HunterTree

Instructor L. J. Hunter is the author of “Lonesome for Bears” Lyons Press 2008, a co-founder of the International Society of Professional Trackers and is certified by CyberTracker Conservation in Track and Sign, as well as by Universal Tracking Services in human tracking. Further experiences include man tracking for Search and Rescue interspersed with natural history studies and a former brown bear viewing guide in an outback Alaskan Lodge.

TerryInstructor Terry Kem was raised on a ranch along the Columbia river in Oregon. He likes to reflect on these years as his endless days of play.

In 1994, Terry was reintroduced to the natural world by his first tracking mentor, Tom Brown Jr. Over the last 20 plus years, he has also taken classes from many trackers in our country with the goal to expand his skills and nature awareness. Terry has logged thousands of hours tracking and teaching his skills through various organization here in the Northwest, including his own.  Terry has received a level III Track & Sign Certificate.

To learn more about Terry Kem, go to his website at www.deerdance.org.

imageInstructor Jane Doudney has been a lifelong outdoors enthusiast, from her youth in the Midwest to years of exploring the Alaskan wilderness and now SW Washington.  She had tried many traditional ways of enjoying the outdoors and then came upon track and sign.  Jane was first introduced to tracking through classes with Linda Hunter.  Through these experiences, her appreciation for the interrelatedness found in nature deepened as she learned to “read” the stories the forest has to tell.  She has also studied trailing with Adriaan Louw and became Cybertracker certified in 2016 in track and sign.  Jane is a talented tracker. The woods symbolize peace and joy for her and she looks forward to sharing her passion for nature and tracking with new people.  Jane has been an active part of TreeSong since its beginning in 2013.



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