The Return of the Earthsinger

Summertime Fun Family Concert!

Dave Orleans

Sunday, August 23rd, 4pm-6pm

Dave Orleans, also known as the Earthsinger, brings an energetic amalgam of upbeat sing-alongs, clap-alongs, growl-alongs, and old and new stories about the natural world and our place in it. What better way to spend a delightful Sunday early Summertime evening with your loved ones playing, singing, celebrating the wonders of nature at beautiful TreeSong? Don’t miss it! This is gonna be good!

Dave has performed here at TreeSong twice before and then moved to Illinois.  He’s back in town for this one weekend and we are blessed to have him come on out!

$10/adult, $5/child (there is a discounted rate for big families)

Online registration

Call Michelle to register: 360-837-8733 or email us at

Earthsinger Logo

Dave is a musician and environmental educator who blends his knowledge of and concern for the earth with his love of folk music and storytelling to create an innovative style of educational entertainment he calls EARTHSINGING. A singer and songwriter, amateur folklorist and practitioner of the “upside-down” school of guitar-playing, Dave has performed his Earthsinging programs for children and families at school assemblies, teacher workshops, campfire circles, festivals and coffeehouses along the east coast, and now, in Oregon.

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