The Importance of Nature Connection for Kids

20150722_124856TreeSong’s mission statement includes the importance of connecting children to self, community and nature. Having these strong connections in place engenders health and wholeness that impacts virtually all facets of existence, including the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. There have been multitudes of studies looking at the effects spending time in nature has on children. These studies categorically support that exposure to and interaction with the natural world is imperative to the well-being, creative and problem-solving capacity, emotional and intellectual development of children.

Children who form a relationship with the natural world are more likely to grow up to be adults who are caring stewards for our planet. We care for what we know, understand and love.

In general, the children of today spend considerably less time outside and even less in natural settings. The effects are notable.  Let’s turn that trend around!

We at TreeSong passionately believe in providing a place, in this amazing Northwest riverside forest, for children to play, learn, explore, connect and nourish all aspects of themselves. We believe it’s what they need on a very fundamental level, and it’s what the world needs, future generations that will protect and care for it.

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