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Sunday, June 11, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Warm, sunny June days herald the height of the growing season for the wild places of the Portland/Vancouver metro areas and the Columbia River Gorge! If you are interested in learning more ways to work with our native and invasive species, join us as Jesse Brownlee of Half Wild leads an in-depth exploration of wild edible and medicinal plants found in our region.

This workshop will focus on 5-7 wild species that are in their prime in June. We’ll discuss plants that can be found in multiple environments such as forests, streams, fields, lawns, and disturbed areas to give you an understanding of the wild delights you may encounter every day. Participants can expect hands-on experience as they learn how to identify, harvest and process the bounty available to us here in the Pacific Northwest. The workshop will conclude with tastings and samples!

The plant species we focus on will be based on seasonal variation and availability and may include several edible or medicinal flowers, fruits, pollen, and trees.

Tuition:  $45 plus $7 supply fee

Maximum class size is 8.

Jesse BrownleeJesse Brownlee is the owner of Half Wild, LLC. Born and raised in rural Georgia, she now lives and works in the Columbia Gorge. She is a Ranger, Certified Interpretive Guide and Wilderness EMT who spends large amounts of time in lush forests of the Gorge hunting for the freshest local delicacies.

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