Senses of Wonder: a 24-hour Rejuvenation Retreat for Women

with Heather Jolma Fray and Michelle Fox

tree woman

Saturday, August 22nd, noon to Sunday, August 23rd, noon

This retreat into the serene riverside forest is an opportunity to give yourself 24 hours to reconnect, rejuvenate and explore nature, inside and out, through yoga, meditation, singing/chanting, silence, walks, and focused sensory experiences.

Bring a sack lunch for your first meal which will occur soon after our arrival on Saturday, then dinner will be a luscious gift to the senses prepared for you. Fruit and beverages early Sun. morning and then a beautiful brunch before departure.

We imagine you will return to your life full and focused, peaceful and vividly alive, in touch with the wonders present in the world around you.

Cost:  $175/sleeping in cabin (3 spaces available); $155/sleeping on covered porch (2 spaces available, porch spaces are taken);  $135/camping with own gear (all the camping spaces are taken)

Online registration

Questions?  Call 360-837-8733 or email us at

About Heather (yoga instructor, creator of the Breathing Room in Vancouver, mother of two, amazing musician, and so much more!):

DSC_9190“A life long lover of movement, I found yoga over a decade ago in a gym, getting a workout where my husband worked and my son Max resisted being in the child care space.  Moving on with my new found interest, I discovered then, Yvonne Edes, now Sundari SitaRam, at The Shanti Yoga Center.  It is still unraveling, but yoga, as I have come to know it in my world, is a source of connection to what is good, natural; an easy way back to myself, my heart.  It has become a way I have deepened my understanding of the impact my thoughts have on my health and well-being, therefore the health and well-being of my family, community, and planet.”

About Michelle (founder of TreeSong, educator, mother of two, lover of nature…)

me and tree close-up“TreeSong is a 15 year dream realized.  Through visiting TreeSong and delving into its offerings I hope that folks walk away inspired, with new knowledge, and deeper connection with themselves, others and the natural world.  It is my most sincere wish to pass along what I have discovered about nature’s gifts and to support others in developing a life changing relationship with the wilderness both outside and within them.”

For more about Michelle, click here.

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