The Grounds & Photos

Nestled among the towering firs and cedars, overlooking the beautiful Washougal River, is a quaint, red cabin on 1.24 acres.  It is in this serene and awe-inspiring setting that TreeSong resides.

The cabin is the perfect place for small gatherings and classes (approx. 20-25 people max., depending on the type of event).  It has a full kitchen to support gatherings which include food preparation.  The wooded acreage is the perfect place for nature exploration, as well as a peaceful, nurturing  environment for outdoor programs and events.

These slideshows may take awhile to load.  Worth the wait!  🙂

The Land and Cabin

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 Life at TreeSong

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Run Wild! 2014

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One thought on “The Grounds & Photos

  1. Good work Michelle – Happy to see you’ve made this a reality! Good website, too.
    I lived near the Washougal for over 10 years – a wonderful place to nurture the spirit. How far up the river road are you?

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