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Featuring Lexi and Rosemary


Rosemary (on the left) guiding Lexi in a game of Meet a Tree several years ago.

At the end of our last older Circle Keepers gathering, I asked the kids to journal about TreeSong and nature in general.  I was very broad in my prompt, wanting to see where they were drawn in their musings.  Two participants had enough time to finish and it is their work that I have included here in its unedited form.  I hope you enjoy their candid and wise musings.  ~ Michelle Fox


“It is good to be out in nature because you absorb all them good sun energies and get to detox and connect back with plant life. When I’m out in nature I breathe deeper, gain energy, notice more of the beauty around me, and laugh a lot more. I also like to search for cool plants, rocks (crystals), and wonky animals.”


TreeSong Reflection – a reflection of the year

“TreeSong is a mystical forest out in Washougal. Every time my car pulls up to the little red cabin in the woods my heart is filled with joy. Michelle is such a natural teacher and always knows what to do for us. It feels so wonderful to be somewhere where I can be free – free to roam around on deer paths, free to jump in the river and swim around, free to climb trees, and free to have fun.

Here I have shared so many joyful moments with Michelle and my peers. A deer once came so close to us that we were able to watch the fuzz on his antlers. We have swum in the river and gone to the other side to explore the opposing beach’s mysteries. TreeSong is a huge adventure, and allows me to discover both nature and myself.

Every experience here teaches me, and I love learning the plant names, and how the world around me works. My heart belongs here at TreeSong.”

Natural Life – a reflection of natural importance

“Many people in our common era share a disrespect for nature, not taking the time nor the energy to understand the natural world around them. In this ignorance, it is easy to exploit and destroy the Earth itself. Education, it seems, is the only solution to this disastrous problem, and not the type with desks in a classroom. The education I refer to in fact is quite opposing to the normal classroom environment.

Learning to enjoy the complex beauty of nature is best begun as a child, though it may begin later in life if necessary.  The education is like so:  find a forest, some natural area, perhaps a local creek, and spend a bit of time there.  It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are quiet and respectful to the environment around you.  Spend a long time watching a beetle climb a rock, stare into a river until your eyes adjust to see the hundreds of near-invisible fish.

After we learn to share an appreciation of nature, we can change the world and share our gifts with each other.”


Lex&Rose580Lexi, almost 16 and Rosemary, 15 1/2

Lexi and Rosemary have been involved in Circle Keepers (TreeSong’s Nature Awareness Program for Children) since its beginnings in 2013, making this their fourth year.  They are both incredibly insightful, creative and wise young women who give me hope for our world as I witness their deep care of and connection with the land and all who live upon it.

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