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Celebrating 2016 and Looking Forward

The transition between years is a time to reflect on the past, to see where we’ve been, to metabolize all that’s come before, to integrate, learn from, celebrate, experience gratitude, perhaps even grieve, in response to the previous year’s unfolding events and circumstances.  With the wisdom and integrated experiences gathered, we’re then ready to turn towards the new.

When I travel through 2016 at TreeSong, I feel waves of gratitude and joy as I remember all that has occurred.  It was our fullest year yet.  As I share some of the past year’s events and programs,  I invite you to tap into the meaningful connections made, lives touched, beauty experienced, and join me in celebrating a truly glorious year.

For adults, 2016 included many exciting and thought-provoking classes including a wolf presentation,  dream workshops, a Loving-kindness Meditation class, a native plant walk, several cooking classes,  birding and wildlife tracking classes, our 2nd Annual Women’s Yoga/Nature Retreat, not to mention the beginning of TreeSong’s monthly Nature Book Group!

2016 was also a full and wondrous year for the younger crowd as well.  TreeSong’s monthly Circle Keepers Nature Awareness Program for kids began its fourth year last October.  There are currently two burgeoning groups, one for 4 to 8 year olds, and an older group for 11 to 15 year olds.  And I foresee adding a third group in the Fall!  The fun and wonder continued through the Summer with four Camps (Nature Adventures and Fairy Camps along with Drawing Amongst the Trees).  The mother of a five year old who attends Circle Keepers shared with me that her daughter recently exclaimed “I want to go to ‘tree camp’ for the rest of my life!”  Facilitating the children’s programs is one of my greatest blessings, there’s always such palpable joy and wonderful discovery at each and every gathering.

For the community, Run Wild Family Fun Day saw its third year at Fallen Leaf Lake Park and the Equinox and Solstice gatherings held at TreeSong were jubilant occasions  providing connection for folks of all ages and walks of life who gathered together to celebrate. TreeSong’s Little Red Cabin and land also hosted events rented by private groups for classes and retreats.

2016 saw the formation of TreeSong’s Arts Committee and the expansion of our arts program with nearly monthly arts classes, including Drawing In Order to See, watercolor painting and creating with clay.  What an incredible year it was!

Now I would love to hear from you.  Plans for 2017 programming continue to be developed and we are excited about the year ahead.  Are there certain classes or experiences you would like TreeSong to offer?

Your involvement, feedback and ideas are always welcome!  There are volunteer positions available, anything from joining in on land maintenance days, helping out at Equinox and Solstice celebrations as well as at our annual Run Wild event. Would you like to participate on a TreeSong Arts, Grounds or Fundraising Committee?  Or perhaps you have talents to bring to our Board of Directors.  There are many, many volunteer opportunities that you might find fun and interesting, and that would be a great gift to the community.   I encourage you, please don’t hesitate to jump on in!

I have enjoyed this walk down memory lane which is vividly alive with the faces and hearts of all who stepped onto TreeSong’s land this last year.  It is deeply gratifying to see TreeSong working its magic.  I really hope you’ll take the time to view the slideshow at the end of the article, definitely a feast for the eyes and spirit.  TreeSong is not just a place to take a class or rent a space, it’s a community, a sanctuary, a place to receive inspiration and revitalization, a place to return to again and again. 


Together we continue to bring light into the world by creating a community and sustaining a place that nourishes mind, body and spirit.
Here’s to a most blessed and light-filled year!

Sweet Memories from 2016

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Michelle Fox
is the Founder and Executive Director of TreeSong.  Michelle brings her experience as mother, teacher, massage therapist and yoga/meditation practitioner, along with her love for and knowledge of the natural world, to her joyful heart-work here at TreeSong.

“TreeSong is a 15 year dream realized. Through visiting TreeSong and delving into its offerings, I hope that folks walk away inspired, with new knowledge, and deeper connection with themselves, others and the natural world.  It is my most sincere wish to pass along what I have discovered about nature’s gifts and to support others in developing a life changing relationship with the wilderness both outside and within them.”

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