Learn about and “Grow your own!”


Saturday, October 20, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm


Join Tony McMigas of McMigas Family Farm for a two hour tutorial on how to grow mushrooms in the home and garden.  Tony will walk you through the incredibly easy steps to producing mushrooms year round, indoors and out.  You will learn how to grow Oyster, Shiitake, and Stropharia mushrooms on commonly available materials like straw, woodchips, and hardwood logs.
All participants will take home a starter kit of their choice. Additional kits will be available for purchase at $25.00 each. (Cash or check preferred.)

Tuition:  $60/person. Includes starter kit for growing your own mushrooms!

Register online, here.

Tony Migas_Brdr As a lover of all things mycological Tony has always wanted to share his passions with others and has taught mushroom cultivation classes since 2002.  Tony started as a general hobbyist in the early 1970’s, exploring for fungi in the woods of central Wisconsin. Throughout the years, Tony has evolved from being a general hobbyist to a well known mycological resource in the Pacific Northwest. Tony’s credits include, past President of the Oregon Mycological Society, NAMA member, speaker and international researcher. Tony’s travels have taken him from the mountains of Tibet to many parts of Europe and Mexico.


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