Illuminated Field Journal Supplies

Student Supply List Information


Students may purchase a complete supply kit with high quality artist grade materials from Andie upon arrival for $80. Or, students may provide all their own materials. Those new to watercolor painting will find the kit will save quite a bit of money, and will provide quality materials to enable creative work long after our workshop ends. If you choose to bring your own materials, please do your best to bring the supplies as specified on the following list, and purchase the best supplies you can afford. It’ll pay off in the long run and be much more fun for you!

Here is the list of recommended supplies, all of which are included in the kit for optional purchase:

•   Field journal with watercolor paper in any size you like (journals at least 8 or 9 inches on one side can be easier to handle). It is important that your journal stay open and flat, so you are able to work across both pages with ease. Brands that make good watercolor journals include: Pentalic Aqua Journal, Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Journal, Strathmore Softcover or Hardcover 400 Series Watercolor Art Journal, Fabriano Hardcover Watercolor Journal, Global Art Materials Travelogue Watercolor Book, and Moleskine Watercolor Notebooks.
•   Watercolor paint brushes. Recommended brushes are: No. 12 large round watercolor brush, large waterbrush such as Pentel Aquash or Sakura Koi, rigger or liner brush, angle shader, and 1 or 2-inch wide bristle brush)
•   12-inch ruler
•   Eye-dropper
•   Drawing pencil
•   Prismacolor colored pencils (1 “cream” + 1 other light green or light yellow or golden color)
•   Pencil sharpener
•   Kneaded eraser
•   Fine black felt tip writing/drawing pen, such as Pigma Micron .01
•   Manilla file folder (for template creation)
•   Paint cup
•   Watercolor travel kit or much better: a lightweight folding palette filled with tube watercolor paints. The better brands are Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith, M. Graham, Utrecht and Holbein. Here are the recommended colors for the best basic watercolor kit, and which are all included in the kit for purchase:
• Quinacridone rose, or quinacridone pink, or permanent rose (purple-biased red)
• Cadmium red (orange-biased red)
• Ultramarine blue (purple-biased blue)
• Phthalo blue, or manganese blue, or cerulean blue (green-biased blue)
• Lemon yellow, or cadmium yellow pale, or hansa yellow light (green-biased yellow)
• Cadmium yellow deep (orange-biased yellow)
• Sap green (good all around green)
• Oxide of chromium (helpful green for plants)
• Ultramarine violet or other purple
• Any orange
• Burnt sienna
• Quinacridone gold
• Permanent white gouache (not watercolor)


Additional necessities to bring:

•   Knapsack able to hold your supplies
•   Rain gear, warm layers, etc. for walking outdoors
•   Sit-upon, portable stool, or something to sit on a bench or on the ground (so your seat stays warm and dry!)
•   Water bottle
•   2 small paint water/plant material containers, such as small yogurt cups or jars
•   Headlamp or flashlight


Andie will bring lots of supplies and materials to share, including:

•   Printed handouts
•   Extra ink & paint
•   Extra gouache (white & colors)
•   Ox gall
•   Gum Arabic
•   Sample projects and examples
•   Paper towels
•   Small spray bottles
•   Push pins
•   Templates
•   Plant material

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