Fall scene
October 15 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

You won’t want to miss the
First Annual Fall Sell and Swap of useful outdoor gear! 
It is time to clean out your closet and come together with other outdoor people and see what you need to support your ongoing evolution in getting closer to nature. And, someone will need that piece of gear you put away when you upgraded or when you changed sports. Think of kayak accessories, hiking gear, backpacks, lights, camera gear, wet weather clothes and summer hats, bicycle parts and accessories, nifty gadgets for navigation, maps, books and field guides as well as water storage, and binoculars, monoculars and all kinds of stuff we use outdoors. Bring your lunch and stick around to share stories about outdoor adventures and ways to connect even more closely with nature.

This will also serve as a fundraiser, as a percentage of sales will be donated to TreeSong to help support its mission of nature connection.

Sellers can expect to donate 10% (or more if you feel like it) of their sales.

Be sure and label each item you bring to sell with your name and a price. There will be a cashier who will handle all sales.  The determined percentage will be given to TreeSong and the rest to you!

Bring plenty of cash for your purchases and enjoy this fun event!

Questions?  Call 360-837-8733 or email us at hello@treesongnatureawareness.org



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