Dreams~Windows to the Soul

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A monthly dream group

Four Sundays
March through June

Dreams are a world with no limits.  Their language is accessed through archetypes, metaphors, puns, humor, images, themes, and story.  Their messages are always in the interest of your health and wholeness.  Yes, even nightmares.

Navigating the multiple levels of meaning in dreams is most richly and effectively done in a group although you, the dreamer, are always the ultimate authority.

Through didactic and experiential learning and using the six guidelines of dream interpretation, you will have the opportunity to explore how your dreams are an avenue into your true self.

At Treesong, we will create a safe learning community.  Start a dream journal, record some dreams or dream fragments, and explore the Wisdom of Your Dreams with other dreamers.

Four Sunday Afternoons:
March 13 and April 10, 3:00 – 5:00 pm
May 1 and June 5, 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Cost:  Sliding scale:   $60 – $80 for 4 sessions.

Coffee / tea provided.

Register early:  Limited to 8

Online Registration, click here.


Gretchen MeyerFacilitator
: Gretchen Meyer, MA has been a Spiritual Director since 1999. She holds a Certificate in Projective Dream Work and has been participating in and leading dream groups for 20 years.  She draws upon the works of CJ Jung, Jeremy Taylor, Joyce Rockwood Hudson, the Haden Institute, Stephen Aizenstadt and others. Learn more about her at ListeningToSoul.org














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