An Afternoon with Cellist and Spoken Word Artist,
Daniel Sperry
and special guest, Jeffri Lynn Carrington

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Making the Word Flesh

Poems and Music of Satisfied and Unsatisfied Desire

Saturday, March 10, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

The afternoon will be filled with “Musical Portraits” – Soul ravishing  original music by Daniel, composed with the inspiration of individual people and their journeys – as well as the poetry of Rumi, Kabir, William Stafford, Naomi Shihab Nye and others.

Jeffri, an exquisite vocalist with a rich, evocative range, will join us for part of the program, in songs written around the poems of those same poets.  Be prepared to, in the words of poet Derek Walcott, “feast on your life.”

This afternoon will be unlike anything you have experienced before!


Pre-registration required.  Limited space, register today!
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About Daniel


Daniel Sperry is a cellist, composer, singer, songwriter, poet, spoken-word artist, street musician and community artist, living in Ashland, Oregon. He’s the creator of five albums of instrumental music, featuring his “musical portraits” – pieces composed for individuals as a touchstone for an occasion or passage in people’s lives. He also created three albums of spoken word with musical landscapes, featuring the poetry of Rumi, Kabir, William Stafford, Naomi Shihab Nye, among others, as well as his own work. He spends many hours during the warm season playing his cello in Lithia Park, and winters composing music for the soundtracks of movies, primarily his own.  For more about Daniel, go to

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About Jeffri Lynn


Jeffri Lynn is a professional vocalist based in Ashland, OR. She sings in a variety of projects including the Southern Oregon Repertory Singers (a semi-professional choir), Rutendo (a Zimbabwean style marimba band), Accapellaré (a classical/celtic a cappella duet), Tender Gravity (with Daniel Sperry), and alongside guitarist Jeff Stanley.  Jeffri also writes her own music, performs as a soloist for all kinds of events, and works as a studio musician. For more about Jeffri Lynn, visit

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