Music Amongst the Trees Concert

and Fundraiser for TreeSong

Be sure and join us for a wonderful afternoon of
Gypsy Jazz with…

The Hot Club of Hawthorne!

Sunday, August 13, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm


About the Band

Led by front-man Jeffree White, The Hot Club of Hawthorne is a collective of accomplished musicians who play gypsy jazz: old-time swing and world music played on acoustic stringed instruments, with exotic Old World flair, a fiery delivery, and feelgood charm.

About the Music & the Name

“Hot Club” jazz is a genre of early jazz — mostly tunes from the 20s & 30s — characterized by lively swing rhythms, infused with exotic gypsy flavors, played primarily on acoustic stringed instruments: gypsy guitars, upright bass, and violin, or sometimes clarinet and/or accordion.

French gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt was the most famous artist in the genre, as well as one of the innovators; our ensemble is largely modeled after his. His (and violinist Stephane Grappelli’s) group was called the Hot Club of France Quintet, named after the “Hot Clubs” which were European jazz appreciation societies in the 1930s. There have been countless “Hot Club” bands since then worldwide.

Admission is on a sliding scale:  $10 – $25/person ($35 for families)
Online Registration

Any amount beyond $15 on an individual admission will go to TreeSong and its mission of nature, self and community connection, and is tax-deductible!


Jeffree White, Band Leader

Jeffree is a multi-instrumentalist who has performed with over 80 groups in his 30+ years of playing. His specialty is guitar, but in his career has played keyboards, mandolin, bass, and melodica. Acts he has performed with play a wide range of styles, including: rock, blues, jazz, bluegrass, swing, reggae, Irish, prog rock, folk, world, and more! His versatility, imagination, and technical prowess have won him high praises. Jeffree captivates audiences with his strong, lyrical melodies and sophisticated rhythm playing, as well as his whimsical delivery and flamboyant presence. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to bring his love of gypsy jazz to TreeSong.

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