TreeSong Circle Keepers

for children ages 4 – 17

TreeSong is devoted to connecting people to nature, to community, to our internal wisdom. TreeSong Circle Keepers  embodies this mission and makes it joyfully accessible to children 4 to 17.  We meet once a month during the school year, giving children the opportunity to form a deep bond with the land by traveling the wheel of the year with TreeSong, experiencing it as it goes through the cycle of the seasons.  Through this knowing of place and reverence for the natural world,  they are supported in their growth to become adults who actively steward our precious planet.  We care for what we know, and feel connected to.  And this deep connection is deeply nourishing.

There are nature awareness experiences (activities designed to awaken the senses, hone physical agility and support a burgeoning knowledge of the natural world around them), storytelling, yoga, art, music, community building activities.  The goal is to create an environment where each child’s whole being (physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual) is nourished and honored.  At the end of the cycle of our first year, there will be a celebration/ceremony marking their transition to a fresh year.  This is  a very special program.

Here’s some of what kids and parents shared about Circle Keepers at our year-end gathering last June:

Lexi, 13:  “(My favorite parts of Circle Keepers are) wonderful Michelle, great field trips, comfortable group size, tight knit community.  I enjoyed learning about the various types of native plants and animal species and getting to see them firsthand.”

Rose, 13:  “I have developed a better appreciation for Mother Nature.  I have taken a deep interest in the cycles of the moon, and the relation of all of us to nature, and how everything is connected.”

Brad, parent:  “TreeSong is a great place to bring children to learn the science and soul behind our natural world.”

Mila, parent:  “As a family of outdoors enthusiasts we are thrilled that our daughter has the opportunity to deepen her love of, and respect for, nature.  This program truly aligns with our beliefs about respecting, stewarding and caring for our Earth. It is such a pleasure to watch Michelle interact with children.  Her beautiful and gentle guidance are such a blessing.  (Our daughter) often remarks, “Best Day Ever!”

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4 – 8 year olds meet first Sunday of the month, 10am to 2pm

9 – 12 year olds:  TBD

13 – 17 year olds meet first Saturday of the month, 10am to 3pm


4 – 8 year olds:        $375 (or 3 payments of $125)
9 – 12 year olds:      $465 (or 3 payments of $155)
13 – 17  year olds:   $465 (or 3 payments of $155)

Tuition can be paid quarterly, or even monthly, if the need is there, with electronic bill pay.

Call 360-837-8733 or email us at to register.

Click to download YOUTH registration form.   Send to PO Box 883, Washougal, WA  98671



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Michelle Fox, Founder and Executor Director of TreeSong will be the mentor for this program

To learn more about Michelle, go to “Vision and Bios” under the “Info” tab on the TreeSong website.

Call Michelle at 360-837-8733 to register.

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