Bird Language Workshop

Song of the Land:

Listening to the messages of birds

with Terry Kem


Saturday, May 2nd, 10am-4pm


Beginning anew each morning, the many birds all around us are speaking with one another in an ancient and beautiful language of song and call. Bear and bobcat, fox and deer, rabbit and robin are listening, and our ancestors knew well to heed the warning calls of the birds.  To most of us, though,  it is a language lost to our understanding. In this class, discover how to tune your senses to this wonderful element of nature, and how to interpret what you see and hear from birds that live in your own backyard. Bird language is both an exciting window into nature and a wonderful way to quiet yourself and listen to the messages of the land.

Bring a brown bag lunch and dress for a day spent outside.

Cost:  $50

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Call 360-837-8733 or email us at if you have any questions.


TerryTerry was raised on a ranch that sits along the Columbia river where it flows from south to north. He likes to reflect on these years as his endless days of play. He got a bit more serious to graduate from the University of California at Davis with an Agricultural Econimics degree. After college he opened his first business and has never looked back since.

In 1994, Terry was reintroduced to the natural world thourgh the eyes of his first mentor, Tom Brown Jr.. Animal tracking was the first set of tools that began to help Terry see how all things were connected. It was through LightSong School of Shamanic studies that he collected his second set of tools that guided him in learning how to work with the “spirit that flows in all things”.

Terry has two passions that he loves to share with others, Animal tracking and developing nature awareness skills. You will see through his offerings his gifts as a teacher and innovator in helping others remember who they truly are with nature as their true mentor.  You can contact Terry by email:

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