Tending the Home Fires:
A 24-hour Women’s Forest, River, Yoga Re-TREAT
with Heather Jolma Fray and Michelle Fox


Saturday, August 26th, Noon to Sunday, August 27th, Noon

“When the world is too much for me, I head out to the magic forest to listen to the silence which is not silent at all.”
-Cara Moulds

Join us, for the ancient art of retreat-ing, to celebrate your one self and tend your inner flame,  your home fire ~  there is only one you!

What you will find lies waiting for you, in the support of a circle of women, a forest, a river and gentle invitations to rest, focus, stretch, dance, sing, and let what you love and mean come into focus.

Bring a sack lunch for your first meal which will occur soon after your arrival on Saturday, then a sumptuous dinner will be prepared for you that evening.  There will be fruit and beverages early Sunday morning and then a beautiful brunch before departure.

~ $215/sleeping in cabin, bunk room or hide-a-bed in living room (2 spaces)
~ $195/sleeping on covered porch on comfy cots, bedding provided – FULL
~ $175/camping with own gear (4 spaces)

Online registration, click here

We would like to make classes/programs accessible to all who are interested.  In some cases, sliding scale and/or energy exchange are available to make class participation possible.  If you have such a need, please don’t hesitate to ask!   Call 360-837-88733, or email us at treesongnatureawareness@gmail.com

Questions?  Call 360-837-8733 or email us at treesongnatureawareness@gmail.com

 “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.” – Jonathan Swift

Heather Jolma FrayHeather Jolma Fray is a yoga instructor, creator of the Breathing Room in Vancouver, mother of two, amazing musician, and so much more!

“A life long lover of movement, I found yoga over a decade ago in a gym, getting a workout where my husband worked and my son Max resisted being in the child care space.  Moving on with my new found interest, I discovered then, Yvonne Edes, now Sundari SitaRam, at The Shanti Yoga Center.  It is still unraveling, but yoga, as I have come to know it in my world, is a source of connection to what is good, natural; an easy way back to myself, my heart.  It has become a way I have deepened my understanding of the impact my thoughts have on my health and well-being, therefore the health and well-being of my family, community, and planet.”

See Heather at http://www.thebreathingroomyoga.com

Michele2Michelle Fox is the Founder and Executive Director of TreeSong. Michelle brings her experience as mother, teacher, massage therapist and yoga/meditation practitioner, along with her love for and knowledge of the natural world, to her joyful heart-work here at TreeSong.

“TreeSong is a 15 year dream realized. Through visiting TreeSong and delving into its offerings, I hope that folks walk away inspired, with new knowledge, and deeper connection with themselves, others and the natural world.  It is my most sincere wish to pass along what I have discovered about nature’s gifts and to support others in developing a life changing relationship with the wilderness both outside and within them.”

For more about Michelle, click here.

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