African Hand Drumming Basics

Tuesday, July 14th, 7pm-9pm (6:00pm potluck)


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African drumming is a series of patterns which played together make ensemble drumming fun.  Based on the teachings of Bill Mathews from Seattle, Linda Hunter and Mike McHugh bring you an easy and fun way to learn some classic rhythms to play by yourself or with a group.
Linda and Mike have both been members of the Dreaded Iguana Drum group from southern Baja California for the past eight years and have taken workshops with various drummers.
Bring your own drum if you have an asiko, kpanlogo, djembe or bougarabous drum or something like it.  If you need to use one of ours, be sure and register early.  (We won’t use bongos or hand held native or Irish drums.)
Cost per class:  $25
To register:  Call 360-837-8733 or email us at or register online.

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