The Auction Results Are In!

4th silent auction


First, we would like to express deep gratitude to all who made this Auction possible. A big thank you going out to the practitioners, artists, and local businesses who gave so generously. You laid the foundation for a wonderful two weeks and a very successful auction. And, of course, all of you who bid during the auction, thank you!!!! We couldn’t have done it without you all, either! What a lovely intertwining of gifts and community this has been.

TreeSong will receive $1,739 which will go far in supporting our mission of nature connection and the arts. Big holiday blessings to all of you!

Those with the winning bids will be contacted either by phone, email or Facebook message. If you have any questions, feel free to call Michelle at 360-837-8733. Also, if you are new to the TreeSong scene and feel that we may not have your contact info., please call, or you can email us at

Here are the results:

~ Breathing Room class card: Rose Hout, $50
~ Landscape design: Priscilla Christenson, $250
~ Raven Light painting: Priscilla Christenson, $100
~ Skamania Lodge overnight: Maggie Smith Barr, $140
~ Sassy Dandelions quilt: Alvera Marie Bizjak-Gaskins, $100
~ TreeSong overnight: Alvera Marie Bizjak-Gaskins, $100
~ Purple Fleece jacket: Alvera Marie Bizjak-Gaskins, $60
~ Green Fleece jacket: Sara Martin, $55
~ Personal Chef Experience: Christine Fecteau, $100
~ Pokey dots quilt: Alvera Marie Bizjak-Gaskins, $45
~ Rushing Water Yoga one month pass: Priscilla Christenson, $45
~ New Seasons gift basket: Dawnda Cline Durbin, $40
~ Washougal School of Music gift cert.: Sara Martin, $60
~ Flourish gift cert.: Priscilla Christenson, $40
~ Mosaic mirror: Suzanne Burchette, $30
~ 60-minute massage: Alvera Marie Bizjak-Gaskins, $50
~ Spa gift basket: Priscilla Christenson, $30
~ Pendleton canvas tote: Susan Holcroft, $35
~ Purple scarf: Linda Lee, $23
~ Gold scarf: Linda Lee, $20
~ Tree of life pendant and earrings: Priscilla Christenson, $25
~ Salon Magnolia gift cert.: Margaret Breithaupt, $40
~ Tea gift basket: Brecia Kralovic-Logan, $35
~ Forged copper wire earrings: Karen Irene Pickering, $15
~ Haircut at Sage salon: Gretchen Meyer, $30
~ Ceramic mugs: Suzanne Burchette, $15
~ The Crossing gift cert.: Christine Fecteau, $25
~ Allure boutique gift cert.: Heather Jolma Fray, $15
~ Payback coupon book: Laura E. Stephens, $15
~ Natalia’s Café gift cert.: Karen Irene Pickering, $15
~ Deco-style bracelet & earrings: Priscilla Christenson, $25
~ Profile picture: Suzanne Burchette, $10
~ Caffe Piccolo gift card: Karen Irene Pickering, $14
~ Red jasper & copper pendant: Karen Irene Pickering, $12
~ CD’s: Margaret Breithaupt, $6
~ Soap Chest gift cert.: Margaret Breithaupt, $10
~ Farmhouse bottle stopper: Marsha Thomas-Carney, $8
~ Nature note cards #1: Suzanne Burchette, $10
~ Nature note cards #2: Suzanne Burchette, $10
~ 2 movie passes for Liberty theater: Suzanne Burchette, $15
~ 2 movie passes for Liberty theater: Gretchen Meyer, $8
~ Cake Happy gift cert.: Nicole Banta, $8

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