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I believe that each and every day is a rare and beautiful gift. I have such gratitude for each day that I’m alive to experience all that is offered. I’m grateful for the glint of sunlight on river and for the river’s ever-present rushing song; for the squawk and holler of Steller’s jay and the long, lilting melody of Pacific wren, and the wind in the trees; for the magnificent golden colors of Fall and the swirling, twirling leaves finding their way to Earth; for the joy of children, their rain boots in mud puddles and their determination to save the trees by pulling ivy, their silliness, curiosity, and unguarded approach to each moment. For friendship and love, for touch and taste and sight and sound and smell. For all these gifts I am most grateful.

I am grateful for the solid beauty of the trees, whether Douglas fir or western hemlock or the graceful western red cedar. I can’t imagine a world without these friends. And even though we’re in the middle of Fall, my mind finds itself with the Spring wildflowers. I delight so in their ephemeral beauty, the trillium, white fawn lily and bleeding heart, foxglove and delphinium, foam flower, inside-out flower and shooting star, the blossoms on the redwood sorrel, and those first flowers that come out when it’s still Winter, snow queen and spring beauty.  How exciting it is to see their tiny purple faces in February letting us know that Spring really will arrive. They’re always such a hopeful sight. Now in the heart of Autumn, I revel in the brilliant colors the vine maple and big leaf maple offer up, accompanied by many of their equally splendid deciduous forest companions.

Michelle’s Nature Notes continue here.

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