Nature Notes: Thoughts from the TreeSong Community

Featuring Annie McHale

     It’s that time of year: Spring o’clock. When seed meets soil and Intention is put to task. Nature doesn’t make bad food. It’s impossible. Every single seed, every tiny, unpretentious seed has in its DNA one goal: to become a zucchini, a pumpkin, a rosemary bush. It just knows what to do, when, and how. And when it becomes whatever it is meant to become, it presents its beautiful, colorful, flavorful, nutritious self as a gift.

     It is for this reason that I honor food. Real food. The way it is intended, which is to say, organic or otherwise natural. My husband Curt and I were recently blessed with an opportunity to co-manage a 60-acre organic farm near the Oregon coast for several years. During that ridiculously difficult and completely blissful period, few people turned down our dinner invitations, knowing to do so meant missing out on perhaps the freshest meal they’d ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Our table was an organic feast. Every. Single. Day.

     Hours-new duck eggs with their bright orange yolks, dutch-oven-baked artisan bread finished with smoked salt, plump raspberries bursting with sweetness from the afternoon sun’s kiss, fresh hand-pressed ricotta, bright and tender asparagus just snipped from the soil, tulsi basil bearing an aromatic hint of licorice, wild salmonberry gastrique slowly drizzled over line-caught Pacific salmon, fire-roasted over coals on hand-hewn cedar planks, raw milk whipped into heavenly cream, and garlic greens. Ohhhh-the-mildly-sweet-garlic-greens!!

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You won’t want to miss Annie and Curt’s ‘Spring Bounty ~ Gorge-style’ Cooking Class on April 29th, and then in July, they’ll be offering a Soul Food Retreat the 14th through the 16th.


Annie McHale and Curt Gray
Founders of ROOTS Farmacy

Several years ago, Annie and Curt traded in their corporate jobs for rural living, committing to living a sustainable, healthy life beginning with the food they eat and share. It is their intention to inspire folks to enter into relationship with their own kitchen to prepare fresh, healthy meals and connect meaningfully with their loved ones.

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