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Featuring Joan Beldin

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“Nine wolves from the Toklat pack appeared on a high slope about 1 ½ miles from their den. These wolves were returning home from a hunt. They stopped, looked toward their den, and howled. The mother and another adult wolf had stayed at the den to care for the pups. Hearing the howls of the hunter wolves, the mom and adult wolf swung around to focus on the howls and then howled together. The 6 pups shot out of the den and scurried under the two older wolves, their little tails wagging excitedly. The hunters were coming home – bringing food for those in their family who couldn’t join the hunt.

For the next ten minutes, it was quiet – the pups were play fighting and jumping all over the two older wolves, who were intently watching in the direction of the returning hunters. Then came another howl and quickly a chorus from all 9 hunters, now deep in the forest almost a mile from the den. The wolves at the den howled again and then silence. Another chorus of howls rose out of the forest, still closer and another burst of yipping and howling in response.

Joan’s Nature Notes continue here.


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