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Featuring Lisa Marie Peloquin, Ph.D.


Deciding what’s for dinner is not an easy process-especially when the average U.S. American supermarket presents us with over 47,000 different products (FMI 2014).  While mass media marketing attempts to persuade us that grocery shopping is an expression of cherished cultural values like “freedom” and “individuality,” over-abundance of choice actually complicates decision-making.  Social scientists, consumer advocacy groups and a quick trip to Scandinavia clearly indicate that you are not alone, mesmerized and waffling over that towering wall of curly green kale, collards and chard in the grocery store.  In these Nature Notes, I reflect as a cultural sociologist and culinary nutrition expert on ways to help you minimize the overwhelming and maximize a loving connection to the natural world as you hunt and gather your nourishment.

When encountering life’s challenges, sometimes to “Just say ‘No’” accomplishes a simple, desired purpose.  Observe the persuasive effects of chanting this esoteric mantra of  “No” by any vocal two-year old.  Being a defiant toddler with a visceral awareness of preferences and limits is undoubtedly a positive stage in human development-ask WebMD.  Philosophers have examined a suspiciously similar practice by which toddlers in adult bodies, a.k.a. “grown-ups,” likewise deploy the “No! No! No!” to help us clarify an increasingly complex and differentiated world.

Lisa’s Nature Notes continue here.


On October 15th, Lisa is offering her Fall culinary nutrition workshop,Healing with the Autumn Harvest: Pumpkin Love in the Global Kitchen‘ which promises to be both richly informative as well as delicious!  Click here for details.

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Lisa Peloquin, Ph.D. and Culinary Nutrition Expert

Lisa Marie lives among the beautiful plants and animals of the Columbia River Gorge. A cultural sociologist and Culinary Nutrition Expert, Lisa’s work helps others to create healing foods that nurture life within our bodies, relationships, and environment. When not in the kitchen or the forest, you can find Lisa posting her creations on:
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