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 Why Learn to Track?

The connection to nature has long been known to be a key ingredient to human health. High exposure to electronic realities makes this connection even more important. Tracking, the practice of visually observing the impressions on the earth made by animals and humans, is a lifelong learning project that yields riches of understanding, wonder, beauty and peace to the individual who pursues it. It is also a way to experience the outdoors with a great deal more safety and security than innocently wandering without a clue.

Isn’t Tracking Animals a Kids’ Activity?

Children love it when an adult points out raccoon tracks. They love to put their fingers in the exact spot where a raccoon stepped. However, once they stand up and look away, the image disappears for them and is usually replaced by all the other wonders around them. Learning to track animals takes adult skills of mental effort and discipline. The adult who has been studying tracking can be a great influence and mentor to children on hikes and during kids activities. In the process of learning to see animal sign, an adult learns a whole lot about natural history, habitat systems and the character and personalities of animals. This can be passed on to children indirectly, and perhaps as they grow and remember they will be interested in putting in the time and effort to learn in depth observation and story deduction based on visual sign.


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Linda is offering a series of tracking classes this Spring, Summer and Fall through TreeSong. These classes will be held offsite and are a rare and wonderful opportunity to learn about the natural world through the eyes of a master naturalist and tracker.
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Linda Jo Hunter
Artist, Tracker and Author of:
Lonesome for Bears, A Woman’s Journey in the Tracks of the Wilderness
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