Last day of the Circle Keepers season

Circle Keepers is our monthly nature awareness program for kids that runs from Sept. through June.  We have a younger group (4-8 year olds) and an older one (9-13 year olds).  Both groups met together today for an end of the year celebration. Parents joined us for the last hour and we shared some of our favorite songs, activities and games. We also had a ceremony honoring each child’s completion of this special Circle Keepers year.

I took some time out of our full day to have the kids reflect on their Circle Keepers experience. All their reflections were precious and were testament to the power of nature as teacher. One I will share now, given by the flute-playing fairy pictured below (the question: How has being a part of Circle Keepers changed you?): “I have developed a better appreciation for Mother Nature. I have taken a deep interest in the cycles of the moon, and the relation of all of us to nature, and how everything is connected.” Music to my ears…

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