Writing the Divine Feminine

with Dawn Thompson of Portland Women Writers


Saturday, April 26, 10am-4:00pm

“…it is in the joining of the Sun and the Moon, the joining of the masculine and feminine principles, in equilibrium, in energetic balance, that true illumination is attained.”

-The Magdalene Manuscripts

We are living at a time in human history when the earth, our bodies and our very lives are calling for balance, for a joining of the masculine and feminine principles. As women, we have a special role to play in heralding the Divine Feminine back into the world and into our lives. This workshop is an invitation into the beauty of the natural world where tree, river and the new growth of spring await you. You will have the opportunity to slow, to deeply listen and to connect with how the Divine Feminine wishes to manifest in your soul and your life at this time. We will use the doorways of writing, visualization, silence, ritual and time in nature to access our intuition, our inspiration, our creative voice and our power.

No writing experience necessary.

Cost: $75

At Portland Women Writers, our passion is to offer a safe environment where women access their creative power and express their authentic voice. Our writing workshops give you the opportunity to share stories in a fun, transformational, and vibrant community.

Please visit us at: http://www.pdxwomenwriters.com/

To register, contact Dawn at: dawn@pdxwomenwriters.com or 503.568.6145

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