Writing, Meditation & Silence: A Day-Long Retreat with Sidra


March 15, 10am-4pm; $75


Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself

and know that everything in this life has a purpose.

~Elizabeth Kubler Ross

As the spring equinox draws near (March 20) and the hours of dark and light become more balanced, equal, we too may find ourselves craving balance and longing to connect more deeply with our essential selves. Nestled amongst fir and fern, near the flowing river, this workshop is an opportunity to retreat from our busy life, to slow and enjoy the budding signs of spring all around and inside of us. Meditation, writing, and silence are powerful ways to come home to ourselves, to give space to that powerful teacher who lives in each of us as well as gain clarity, inspiration and experience a deep sense of connection with all.

No writing or meditation experience necessary. For more information:http://pdxwomenwriters.com/meditationandwriting1day.html


In a silent meditation retreat about 5 years ago, I reconnected with myself in a way that I never had before (or at least not in my current memory). Since then, I’ve been in practice with meditation and writing to find and follow that path of inner stillness.

Of no particular affiliation or style, I bring my open curiosity and interest in Buddhism, earth-centered spirituality, and connection to the divine feminine (in all of us) to this group. Life is a journey and I am grateful I can spend some of that journey in a circle with others.

For more information about me, Sidra Grace Quinn, please visit:


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