You can help TreeSong grow!

Hello dear friends! We could really use your help right now! We would like to ask for your support in launching TreeSong fully towards its mission by donating towards our 501(c)(3) application fee fund. Our 501(c)(3) application is ready to mail on in to the IRS, which is very exciting! Establishing our 501(c)(3) Federal non-profit tax exempt status will allow us to apply for grants and access a broader base for donations which will enable us to move full force into doing what we’re here to do: deliver healthy, meaningful doses of Vitamin N (N being Nature, of course), to as many children, families and adults as possible. The application fee is $850 and in our first months we find ourselves in need of support from caring people like you!

IMG_20131125_123035_591TreeSong has had such a beautiful beginning. We’ve only been open five short months and are well on our way to realizing our vision of connecting children, families, adults to nature, to themselves, to community. We have two children’s nature education groups that meet monthly, bi-monthly healthy cooking classes, concerts, other enriching programs underway. And we want to take the next leap into really stepping into TreeSong’s full glory: placing a yurt on the property that will support larger community gatherings, expanding our programs for children and families (including an Environmental literacy program for School groups, inter-generational community events…), developing programs that focus on the arts (including the building of an art studio), developing a strong scholarship program that supports nature experiences for children who would not otherwise receive such an opportunity, really the list goes on and on…And in carrying out our mission through these beautiful endeavors stewardship of our precious planet is fostered: we care for what we know and feel connected to.

The reality is that it takes strong funding to make all this happen and having the Federal non-profit/tax exempt status in place will open up amazing opportunities for TreeSong to grow and grow and grow!

We would appreciate any donation towards realizing our goal of $850. If everyone who sees this post donated just $10 (the price of a couple of lattes!), we’d have more than enough! And if you feel led to donate more, that would be deeply appreciated.
Not only is there research that shows the multi-faceted benefits of nature immersion, we see it first-hand in the faces of those who visit. As one 11-year old summer camper exclaimed, “TreeSong is the most magical place I’ve ever been!” Let’s grow the magic….together.

You can donate through the paypal link:

or send a check to: TreeSong PO Box 883, Washougal, WA 98671

Thank you ever so much!

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